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Smart Kids Fair

This entry is a backdated entry, occasions was take place in April 2009during Smart Kids Fair at PWTC, during this event mummy was not there, since i had to attend my final class at Wilton in the afternoon, needs to do a lot of preparation, missed the event, just had an updates from my hubby

Nie aqif dengan aweksnyer sebelum tarian Kuch-kuch Ho Ta Hei...betul ke spellin nie..
Partner during the tarian

Nie nak bergambar beramai-ramai .And the boys,

Bergambar bersama-sama kengkawan yang take part on showMaskot tadika krista...

Bersama abangnyer, banyak free gift kat tangan yoel

Lagi bersama maskot-maskot....

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