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Phuket Fantasea- The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park

Phuket Fantasea is the Phuket's Most popular Attaraction, if happen anybody is here, this place must be visited. The entrance fees is about RM 180 per pax.  Details of booking kindly visit http://www.phuket-fantasea.com/
Cultural illusion Showcase Entrance

Nie before we entered to the theme park...bagaikan berada di alam tema fantasea...

In front of Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restauran, for those book the tickets with buffet shall dine here before the shows..Ours...doubtfull with their food...Nooooo eating just bought the ticket only
After the cultural show, we have to pick-up our camera here according to out token color. Alahai cuak jugak nak tinggal camera nie...almaklum CANON katakan...tapi we trust on the  system . Rupanya kat dalam tu ada service ambil foto yang berbayar, patutlah tak kasi bawak masuk . Puashati dengan show malam tu, memang terpegun dengan olahan citer, and life action performed by trained animals such as elephants, goat, buffalo and chickens. It makes the shows so lively. Plus the acrobatics performance, worth the monies spent.

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